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Caspari GmbH & Co. KG

Paletten & Holzverpackungen

Industriestr. 15
51545 Waldbröl

Phone: +49 2291 9231-0
Fax: +49 2291 9231-50


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In case of emergency, we are there for you around the clock.

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Repair & Sorting

We have created an optimal concept that benefits the business sector as well as the environment.

We can pick up old, defective and unsorted pallets with our own fleet and return them to our factory for repair and sorting. During the sorting we check if the pallets meet the criteria for exchange, whether they are being repaired or may even be irreparable and therefore have to be disposed.

Especially the Euro pallet is an extremely robust pallet and can often be reused. But even the best pallet breaks down at some point - usually by forklift or lift trucks and also by too heavy or not evenly distributed loads.

Our goal is to repair the pallets in accordance with the EPAL guidelines and to return them to the used pallet market.

Advantages of closed circle

For our environment:

  • less empty cargo
  • pallets are repaired and used several times. Only irreparable pallets are used for heating
  • oil is saved

For our customers:

  • whole service from one source – new pallets, used pallets and disposal
  • saved costs for disposal
  • you work with a partner that demonstrably is saving resources 

Do you have questions about our sorting? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are pleased to help you!